The Rise of Stories

May 23, 2019 1:45:39 PM / by Jade Hall

In today’s era of narrative driven marketing we know that EVERY brand has a story to tell.

The Instagram and Facebook story format for mobile driven storytelling is increasing dramatically, making it a crucial channel for marketing. Stories are fun, innovative and modern, not to mention everyone is using them to share their journey and communicate with their friends, it is a quick way to tell your story in a highly engaging visual format to excite and engage so if you don’t already use stories, NOW IS THE TIME.

In fact, over 500 million accounts use Instagram stories daily and more than 300 million use Facebook and messenger storied daily.

There are more than 2 million monthly active advertisers on stories ads, using the format to drive results across the customer journey from awareness to sales.


Thinking about the old rules of visual storytelling? Throw it out of the window because social stories have changed the game entirely.

Many have mastered this quick visual way of representing their story whereas others are still learning and analysing their results. One thing is certain however, stories are the way of the social marketing future.

Dive into 5 visual/imaginative tips to help you master social stories as a way of marketing your brand.

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Jade Hall

Written by Jade Hall

Digital Marketing Manager at Weaving Weblets. You can find me online, leading inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, writing SEO, content creating and managing google ads/analytic accounts, OR at home, listening to Jazz on Vinyl.

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